Chemical Production: Alfidaa Engineering's Innovative Batching System for Al-Najah Chemical Industries

Chemical Production: Alfidaa Engineering’s Advanced Batching System for Al-Najah Chemical Industries

Alfidaa Engineering and Al-Najah Chemical Industries collaborated to create an automation batching system that our team designed and implemented. We utilized an advanced SCADA system, including HMI monitors, to efficiently control the entire production process. Our system provides detailed reports that include all information on products and raw materials, along with a quality control feature that ensures product consistency. Additionally, the system notifies operators of any malfunctions or errors, including their location, making maintenance easier and more efficient.

This automation project offers numerous benefits, including increased production speed, which allows companies to meet their production goals more efficiently. Furthermore, it reduces the risks of exposure to chemicals, making the workplace safer for employees. Finally, the user-friendly interface ensures convenient operation and helps avoid any errors that might occur with manual operation.

Please see the attached photos of our SCADA system and HMI monitors in action.

SCADA System

HMI Images

We’re proud to have played a part in this exciting project, which we completed in 2022. If you’re interested in learning more about our automation solutions, please contact us at and Linkedin Page

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