U1000 Series

U1000 is the perfect match for single motor drive applications with requirements to power regeneration and low harmonics such as lifts, escalators, HVAC machinery, hoists, centrifuges, and many others.

U1000 is approved for global marine installation. Compared to 12 pulse systems the Yaskawa matrix design provides significant footprint and weight savings, keeping the THDi within the IEEE 519 limits.

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D1000 Series

The Yaskawa D1000 regenerative converter unit saves energy and space. Suitable for both regenerative individual drives and systems of AC drives, servo axes or robots, the D1000 feeds excess braking energy back into the grid instead of converting it into heat. This not only reduces energy consumption and cost but also contributes to the protection of our environment.

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R1000 Series

The R1000 regenerative braking unit is a smart and efficient alternative to dynamic braking for single or multi-axis drive installations with a high amount regenerative motor operation. Suitable for both regenerative individual drives and systems of inverter drives, servo axis or robots, the R1000 feeds excess braking energy back into the power grid instead of dissipating it as heat.

Drive finder

If you already know what you need and just want to make sure we offer the perfectly sized regenerative solution, go ahead to the drive finder. You will also find the technical data and any downloads you might need – be it CAD files for designing your machine, manuals, CAE files, brochures or software.


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