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Revolutionizing Sudan’s Agriculture: A Large-Scale Automation Project

Agricultural Automation

With the global population expected to reach 9.7 billion by 2050, the need for sustainable and efficient agricultural practices has become more pressing than ever. This is where Alfidaa Engineering comes in, offering a range of solutions that help automate various agricultural processes.

Irrigation and fertilization control systems are essential components of modern agricultural practices, especially in large-scale agricultural investments. They help ensure that plants receive the optimal amount of water and nutrients, thereby maximizing crop yields and minimizing water and fertilizer waste.

Amtaar Investment is a Joint Venture between Jenaan and the Sudanese government. Amtaar has an administrative office in Khartoum and an irrigation farm at Al Dabbah in the Northern region, 340km north of Khartoum in the Sahara desert.

Alfidaa Engineering has developed control systems comprising a network of Remote Terminal Units (RTUs) deployed across farmland. The engineering team has connected these RTUs to a central control panel, which monitors and controls the irrigation and fertilization systems. A SCADA (Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition) system is used for real-time monitoring and control of the entire system. Moreover, wireless communication technologies are used to connect various components of the system, making it easier to deploy and manage.

Overall, the use of irrigation and fertilization control systems is a critical component of modern agriculture, and it can help drive sustainable and profitable agricultural investments.

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